Harness the trust of a branded community

Digital word-of-mouth has quickly grown to be one of the most significant factors in how a prospect evaluates your offerings. Use the Social Starter Kit from Zimbra to launch and manage your own branded communities, nurturing relationships with your customers and prospects.

Social Starter Kit Overview

social starter kit

“Snap on” microblogging, discussion forums, media galleries, and more

Easily add social functions such as microblogging, discussion forums, media galleries, and automated moderation to your existing Sitecore website. Each of these capabilities is preintegrated for quick implementation.

Foster deeper engagement among your customers and prospects

As prospects spend more time proactively seeking out insight about your brand in social media, provide an easy way for them to access authentic opinions and comments from your existing customers.

Leverage social interactions in personalization

Collect and connect social interactions with your prospects and personalize content in other channels based on that insight.

Three reasons to take a look at your social media strategy

You've got the basics, but do you have a cohesive strategy behind your posts?
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Find your brand advocates

Your brand advocates can serve as a virtual sales force. Learn which customers are your strongest brand advocates, and promote those customers and their comments to your prospects.

Capture prospect and customer insight

Accelerate your understanding of customers and prospects by collecting insight from their social media interactions as you build their profiles. Utilize that insight for more personalized conversations.

Proactively seek feedback and advice

Pose questions and topics for first-hand input on products or services, marketing, branding, and more.

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