Experience Database

Remember every experience. Know every customer.

The Sitecore® Experience Database™ collects and connects all customer experience data with no limits, to let you truly know your customer. Information is automatically stored in the CMS database and used consistently across all channels, to deliver experiences that cry out "They really know me!"

Experience database overview

Collect everything

Keep all your customer experience data in a single place, near where experiences are happening. The Sitecore Experience Database enables you to gather data from various disparate systems and consolidate it into one in the CMS database repository. Experience analytics within Sitecore can be supplemented with CRM data, customer service data, commercial transactions and more, to provide you with all possible customer experience information.

Connect data to real people

Sitecore joins the dots, to help you see the real people behind your customer data. By automatically connecting data back to the individual customers, you have action-ready knowledge of your customers. Use that knowledge to deliver the most relevant, personalized experiences you can. The longer the customer relationship, the more you learn, and the better you can tailor interactions to meet your customers' needs.

Real-time marketing personalization

Give your customers the experience they deserve through personalized, engaging content catered to their needs with the Sitecore® Experience Profile™ in real time.
See how it's done

See the whole person

By combining customer data into a single knowledge repository, you can see your customers for the real people they are. The Sitecore Experience Profile™ is your view into the data, giving you complete insight into your customers' experiences. See every interaction with every content element across all channels to build a rich picture of what your visitors want and need. Conduct forensics, identify points of commonality, and drive highly targeted segmentations.

Built for scale — no limits

The Sitecore Experience Database is built on MongoDB, the fastest NoSQL database technology on the market. MongoDB is uniquely suited to support high volumes of data and flexible record structures, enabling the Sitecore Experience Database to scale out as the volume of experience data grows. By being able to scale outwards you can grow smoothly and economically, with no limits on data capacity. You can keep all customer experience data, forever, ready for action whenever you might need it, for state of the art real-time marketing.

“Companies are severely limited by disconnected technology and customer data spread so thin it’s virtually useless. To win at customer experience, marketing organizations fundamentally need to understand their customers better than anyone else, which means capturing everything they know about that customer and crafting highly personal experiences.”

Source: Scott Liewehr, President and principal analyst, Digital Clarity Group.

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