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Demand integration from your WCM platform

Deliver a unique web experience for every customer with Sitecore Web Content Management.


Content is the lifeblood of authentic customer conversations, and what you say is as important as how you say it. As one of the three key capabilities you need for context marketing, the Sitecore Web Experience Manager CMS is an integrated platform built from the ground up to support global, multilingual content at scale and provide the flexibility that enterprises demand. The award-winning user interface decouples presentation from content so that content can be automatically delivered across any channel.

The Sitecore Web Experience Manager CMS along with the power of Omnichannel automation and Contextual Intelligence supports the entire digital conversation—in context and wherever it happens—in real time. Omnichannel Automation delivers a connected experience across each channel to engage in conversations that flow seamlessly. Websites, email, social, mobile, commerce, and even print are all completely integrated and work together. Contextual Intelligence builds engaging experiences by gathering and learning the context behind your customers’ actions in real time and applying them to your marketing efforts.
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Shape every experience

The Sitecore WCM manages your content for each and every experience your customers enjoy. Sitecore separates the content from the presentation, so that your content can be automatically delivered across any channel based on context, goals, location, and other factors.

Focus on creating great content

The key to Sitecore’s award-winning user interface for marketers is the decoupling of presentation from content – the essence of web CMS. This makes it effortless to configure great presentation.

The Sitecore® Web Experience Manager™

Take your web CMS to greater heights (and scale) with Sitecore's rich, fully integrated platform.
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The Web Experience Manager CMS includes many standout features.

The Sitecore content repository is the central location for all of your content channels and campaign, providing storage and access to content from one place in real time.

Multilingual content management allows editors to create new content in any language and work in their native language to ensure a consistent global message. Easily integrates with language translation services.

Website visit simulation lets you simulate real-time interactions by persona and without having to guess how different personas will experience your site.

Display-agnostic means you can manage and customize your content for each and every experience so that content is automatically served in the format best sized and suited for a user’s device.

Multisite support is for enterprise customers who want to share content across thousands of sites and deliver consistent customer experience on every property.

Code-free content creation gives editors the flexibility to create content inline, right on a web page, or leverage more robust features for workflow control, metadata management, and multi-channel page layout—no coding needed.

Real-time delivery means that Sitecore leverages unlimited experience data to present the most relevant content for every unique visitor, visitor type, or persona—on the fly. Text, rich media, forms, social media widgets, promotions, recommendations, and more can all be personalized based on rules, workflows, or even a visitor’s device or location.


Extend your marketing platform with additional applications including IP Geolocation and Device Detection.

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Product information management

Manage and access every element of your product catalog within Sitecore to merchandise products and pricing.

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Digital asset management

Ensure only approved digital assets are published with Sitecore’s digital asset management. Maintain consistent brand experience across touchpoints.

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Mobile App Experience

Create compelling mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices that connect seamlessly across the customer journey. Use customer experience insight to personalize the app in real time.

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Own every experience

Sitecore helps you deliver content in context. As part of a single, connected experience, every online interaction becomes part of a joined-up conversation that carries across devices and channels. Find out how the Sitecore Experience Platform can help you deliver more compelling experiences on any device. Contact us today.
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