Sitecore® Email Experience Manager

Combine email with everything you know about your customers and how they have engaged with your brand to tailor your communication with precision.

Sitecore Email Experience Manager

Email marketing continues to dominate as a communications channel—a 2015 study shows 73% of marketers cite it as a core strategy. However, as email users, we never open much of what we receive. Often, emails are generic, irrelevant, or inconsistent with other forms of communications.

The Sitecore® Email Experience Manager (EXM) supports a fundamentally different approach, not only because of its feature set but also the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (Sitecore® XP) that supports it.

Crafting email from within Sitecore XP lets you leverage customer insights as you plan emails, so you can deliver more contextual, relevant, and well-timed communication. All of which drives better conversions and yields real business results. 

Fratelli Carli’s personalized email

Fratelli Carli customers receive personalized emails that show products, promotions, and details relevant to them, building on the olive oil maker’s reputation for excellent personal service. Sitecore’s Email Experience Manager makes it easy, with business users accessing Sitecore to build, change, or update the email. Integration with Fratelli Carli’s CRM system and EXM ensures customer details and profiles are included in each personalized email.

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Key features

  • Allows you to use your customer data to personalize and send email dynamically across customer segments

  • Delivers you a picture of the entire customer journey, beginning with email open and click-through to website behavior and engagement, to goals and conversions

  • Lets you test every single component of a campaign to establish and optimize customer engagement

How it works

EXM is natively integrated into the Sitecore Experience Platform as a “one-stop shop” email service. XP users simply subscribe to the module to access it. 

How you buy

EXM is sold as a subscription for Sitecore XP users and is priced according to your monthly email volume. 

EXM in action

EXM dashboard

The EXM dashboard gives you an overview of performance data.

EXM Recipient activity

Recipient activity shows you exactly how your customers interacted with your emails.


Use the Email Experience Manager to associate different emails to specific campaigns.

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