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Robust content management that scales for enterprise needs.

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Deliver a unique web experience for every customer.

Our market-leading web content management (WCM) system was built from the ground up as an integrated platform to support global, multilingual content at scale and provide the flexibility that enterprises demand. It’s easy to use for marketers but also open and powerful for IT teams that want to customize, manage, integrate, and secure even the most demanding of websites.

Features and benefits

Combined with contextual intelligence from the Sitecore® Experience Database™ and omnichannel automation in the Sitecore® Experience Platform™, Sitecore Web Experience Manager (WXM) empowers you to deliver the right content, to the right person, exactly at the right time.

Decouples content from presentation

A write-once, distribute-across-any-channel approach to web content makes it easy for your content to look good wherever it’s consumed. Sitecore automatically serves content in the format best sized and suited for a user’s device.

Offers in-session personalization

Delivers targeted, relevant content to unique visitors, visitor types, or personas by allowing you to set personalization rules that test details about visitors during their visit. Text, rich media, forms, social media widgets, promotions, recommendations, and more can be personalized based on rules, workflows, or a visitor’s device or location.

Manages multilingual content

Sitecore WXM natively handles multilingual content and the translation workflow and integrates with translation services. This lets content creators write in their native language and globally translate.

Supports multiple sites

Enterprise customers don’t have to recreate content for every website they manage—because Sitecore lets you share content across thousands of sites for a consistent experience on all of them.

Optimized for mobile and display-agnostic

Our device detection module lets you automatically detect and optimize content for different devices, allowing you to preview how your content will look on an iPhone vs. a Surface tablet. And the geo IP detection package lets you personalize based on physical location.

Delivers implementation speed

Newly integrated in Sitecore Web Experience Manager version 8.2 is the Experience Accelerator, a package that reduces web development from months to weeks by offering drag-and-drop templates for commonly used page components.
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New Gartner MQ

For eight years in a row, Sitecore has been placed in the Leaders quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

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Additional features

Seamless experience for medical pros

Our vision was to give doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals a ‘single lens’ through which they could read news about research topics, explore new interests, receive ongoing medical information about their practice areas, buy books, and register for conferences or continuing medical education courses. We wanted to put in place a strong content management system, and from that build a front end to give doctors and nurses a seamless digital experience.

Linda Baker, chief technology officer,
The Wyanoke Group
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WCM CaseStudy

Expanding the Sitecore Web Experience Manager

Explore how you can use our WCM platform to transform ordinary websites into extraordinary experiences—with the Sitecore Experience Platform and other options from Sitecore and our partners.

Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP)

Market in context, across any channel and in real time.

Sitecore® Experience Database™ (xDB)

Take data-driven marketing to a whole new level.

Sitecore® Commerce

Meet the new power couple:  content and commerce.

Sitecore® Email Experience Manager

Replace spamming with email that is only sent when triggers indicate readiness.

Sitecore® Mobile SDK

Shape mobile experiences with our SDK alone or in conjunction with Microsoft Xamarin.

Sitecore® Social Connect

Create highly targeted, personalized social campaigns on all social channels.

Print Experience Manager

Tight integration with Adobe InDesign delivers personalized printed content with dynamic customer data.

Federated Experience Manager

Serve personalized, relevant experiences across non-Sitecore sites and enjoy truly connected content management.

The Sitecore AppCenter

A portal in your Sitecore implementation features fully supported apps for specific services that you can deploy with a few clicks.

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Click Tracking

See the top 10 clicked areas of your site.

Google AdSense and Google Analytics

Boost Sitecore’s engagement metrics.

Page Preview

Make sure your landing pages work perfectly with all browser versions.

Spam Check

Find out how your email campaigns are rated in all major spam filters.

How to buy

We’ve packaged and priced with flexibility in mind and offered deployment options for a variety of environments, depending on your business and infrastructure needs.

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