Choosing the Best Web CMS for Customer Experience Management

Choosing the Best CMS

These days, choosing a web content management system is about more than content management itself-- a web CMS is merely one type of technology that you need to deliver the best possible content on your website. To be in the now with your website, you have to keep the customer in the forefront of your mind, and to do that, you have to provide a great customer experience to your users.

To achieve success in today's realm of web CMS, the platform you use must unify all activity across multiple channels, from campaigns to visitor activity to performance measurement.

In this paper, learn how to choose the right CMS for you and your business from the eyes of a marketer as well as a developer, from easy-to-use interfaces, to email and automation platforms, to real-time personalization, to scalability and performance. See a roadmap for making the right decision when it comes to the best web CMS for you, ensuring that your customers get the experience they deserve.