Commerce Server is at the core of Sitecore’s commerce strategy

With a robust roadmap guaranteeing investment in future versions, the future for Commerce Server has never been as bright.

Changes to commerce server

Welcome! You’ve arrived here after being redirected from a site that was formerly associated with Commerce Server, either Microsoft, Ascentium or – whichever it was, this site has relevant information for you.

What are my options?

Existing customers of Microsoft Commerce Server have a range of options on offer from Sitecore depending on a variety of factors. The first item to discuss is one of support – it’s important to realize that ALL versions of Microsoft Commerce Server are no longer supported and it’s likely that even the underlying product infrastructure you’re using, such as Windows Server 2003 for instance is also not supported. So how can Sitecore help?

Upgrade to the latest Commerce Server

Although we cannot offer support for Microsoft versions of Commerce Server, we do offer newer versions of Commerce Server that run on supported versions of Windows Server and SQL Server. We can also offer advice on migrating to these newer versions including finding partners to help with the transition. This might offer you a way to maintain your existing investment and get to a supportable state as quickly as possible. We offer these newer versions with a range of licensing options

Upgrade to Sitecore Commerce powered by Commerce Server

As part of your evaluation of options, you should consider whether now might be the right time to add the amazing capabilities of Sitecore Commerce powered by Commerce Server, providing you with the backend Commerce Server engine that you know, with the Sitecore Experience Platform, offering a fantastic Content Management System and Digital Marketing System to allow you to offer an amazing Experience Commerce solution to your customers – a really personalized experience with targeted product suggestions. We’d love to show you!

Upgrade to Sitecore Commerce powered by Microsoft Dynamics®

Are you a retailer already using or considering Dynamics AX for Retail? If you’re using this product to power your bricks and mortar stores, we have an integration to the Sitecore Experience Platform to offer that same personalization.

Which is right for you? Why not schedule a call with one of our commerce consultants to help evaluate your options?


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Users of our former support site should now use Sitecore’s standard support site at — to find out more about registering, see

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All of the historic knowledge base articles are now hosted in one of two places:

Community forums

Our community forums are now hosted at and although it has not been possible to migrate all the former threads to the new system, this is now the place to go to discuss everything relating to Sitecore Commerce, including of course, Commerce Server.

Product information

For all product information on Sitecore Commerce, please visit our main website at

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