Be part of the conversation

Your customers are already talking about you — for good or bad. Harness the power of social tools and networks to get in on the discussion.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing starts with recognizing that the balance of power between supplier and consumer has fundamentally changed toward the consumer — and there’s no going back. People now have a voice online that amplifies and echoes across social networks. Every corporate foible and misstep is vilified and parodied online with an immediate impact on sales.

Listen and learn

For the astute marketer, this public social interaction represents a deep source of customer insight and market intelligence – both at an aggregate level and individually. Harnessing the interactions of consumers across social networks, and incorporating that information into salient, targeted marketing messages, provides for a much richer customer experience.

Three reasons to take a look at your social media strategy

You've got the basics, but do you have a cohesive strategy behind your posts?
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Put word-of-mouth to work for you

Your biggest advocates can have a major impact on the overall perception of your brand. You need to provide a platform for them to share their experience — and make it easy for them to recommend you to their own networks.

  • Drive online and offline conversations to a branded community that you own.
  • Identify influencers by listening to online conversations about your brand. 
  • Empower fans to spread word-of-mouth messages in their social networks.

Increase your social media ROI

When you integrate social media into your overall customer experience, you directly affect business performance:

  •  Improve customer satisfaction by being more responsive to those airing grievances publicly.
  •  Reduce marketing costs by attracting more website visitors organically.
  •  Increase revenue by using peer reviews and recommendations to drive sales.

Think strategically about social marketing

Social interaction is part of the wider customer experience – one part of a single conversation. Make sure you are taking a strategic approach to social marketing. It’s not just a “nice-to-have” bolt-on. Social marketing is at the heart of every experience platform, a necessary requirement to remain competitive and meet customer expectations.

And it’s built into everything we do. Take a deeper look into the  Sitecore® Experience Platform™ to help you master social marketing, today.

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