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The content and commerce platform that turns shoppers into customers for life.
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A powerful framework for content and commerce

Ideal for B2C, B2B and B2X brands selling online, Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) uses everything you know about your customers to deliver shopping experiences that are shaped by their interaction history and context, transforming prospects into lifelong fans. Owning the experience for each unique customer, from awareness to advocacy and from one purchase to the next, that’s how you develop lifetime customer relationships.

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Features and benefits

Product information, contextual content and digital marketing come together in our commerce platform to drive valuable, personalised shopping experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.

Create and edit personalised shopping experiences.

The web-based and touch-enabled dashboard lets you create rich personalised experiences with content, product pages, search, email and mobile. Edit products and content in the context of the device they are intended for, while previewing how difference audiences will see different experiences.

Test everything, optimise everything.

Every new or edited experience is automatically tested against previous versions, similar content and promotions. Test checkout, shipping options, content and then optimise, test and repeat. Audiences and segments can also be optimised for engagement—you just review and approve them. Content, promotion and merchandising recommendations are paired with automated and manual segments of customers for a best match.

Know every customer

Personalise every customer’s experience by adapting to their needs in context. The Experience Database captures preferences, behaviour and persona matches for every single customer, and every individual experience, for a 360-degree customer profile. A customer’s Experience Profile® captures all commerce behaviour such as carts, orders and search criteria, and when combined with other digital behaviour, makes for a powerful experience.

Commerce experience management in the cloud

Sitecore Experience Commerce can run on Azure and with Sitecore XP and the Sitecore® Experience Manager Cloud Edition, which removes an enormous amount of setup and configuration, yet delivers all the same value as Sitecore XP on Azure. You sign up and immediately start developing your solution.

Additional features

  • Automation with flowchart-based rules includes actions like cart abandonment, customer nurture and follow-up plans that help with a purchase and guides the next.
  • Full-faceted search, compatible with Lucene, Solr and Coveo fuses structured commerce content and unstructured web content.
  • Entitlements provide personalised offers, products or digital access to different customers.
  • Manage and sell digital and/or physical goods, even in the same order.
  • Translation, localisation and governance for multilingual brands and shoppers
  • Adaptable inventory handling lets you define rules for stock-outs, pre-orders and back orders, which are easily integrated with backend ERP systems.
  • Workflow and governance for product updates, promotions and rich media
  • Order Manager provides a touch-interface for service representatives or staff to edit and manage orders. Search by name, not just receipt or ID.
  • Three-domain secure tokenised payments
  • Multiple product catalogue support
  • Basket and order definition configurable with extensible integration points to all major payment, shipping and tax providers

Sitecore Experience Commerce add-ons

Combined with Sitecore XP, Sitecore Experience Commerce add-ons give you flexibility to easily integrate with other systems.


If you’re already a Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail customer, or considering it as a point of sale or ERP solution, you can use this to connect bricks and mortar to online experiences to provide an integrated, end-to-end omnichannel commerce solution, based on Microsoft’s retail platform.
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If you’re a Sitecore Experience Platform user and need to connect an existing commerce implementation, you’re in luck. Commerce Connect is Sitecore’s native integration layer for seamlessly integrating third-party commerce platforms into Sitecore XP. Commerce Connect:
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Sitecore Experience Commerce in action

Customers increasingly demand a more seamless, personalised experience from brands—before, during and after the transaction. Sitecore Experience Commerce merges content management and commerce management with a 360-degree view of the consumer to provide your buyers with personalised, actionable content at the right moment.
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How it works

Sitecore Experience Commerce extends Sitecore XP and is deployable on premises or in a Microsoft Azure cloud. Sitecore XP customers can download it from the Sitecore Developer Networkand activate it once they’ve added it to their license.

How to buy

Sitecore XP users can purchase Sitecore Commerce as an add-on, priced according to the Sitecore XP version and deployment option. For more information, get in touch.

QNET enables a network of business users to maintain local online stores.

We have complex membership, product and pricing management requirements. With Sitecore Commerce, we can deliver an exceptional digital experience that’s modern, robust and easy to maintain—all of which results in faster time to market and happier Independent Representatives and customers.

Trevor Kuna
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