Sitecore purchase and deployment options

Sitecore can be purchased and deployed on-premises with a perpetual license or in the cloud with a consumption license.

Choose the deployment option that works for you

The key to choosing a pricing and deployment option is understanding your organization’s requirements and constraints.

Perpetual licenses

Sitecore is priced by the number of software installations in your environment, on a perpetual license basis. Ideal for customers who budget for software as a capital investment or up-front expense. The following products can be purchased as perpetually licensed software:

  • Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (which includes Sitecore® Experience Database™, or xDB)
  • Sitecore® Web Experience Manager
  • Sitecore® Commerce Server stand-alone
  • Sitecore® Print Experience Manager

Consumption licenses

Sitecore is priced on a variable basis according to the volume of visits to your Sitecore-powered site. Ideal for customers who have their own private cloud environment, budget for software as an annual expense, or have a volatile traffic pattern. The following products can be purchased under a subscription model:

  • Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (which includes Sitecore® Experience Database™, or xDB)
  • Sitecore® Cloud on Microsoft Azure
  • Sitecore® Web Experience Manager
  • Sitecore® Email Experience Manager
  • Sitecore® Commerce
  • Sitecore® Commerce powered by Microsoft Dynamics


Sitecore® Cloud

Sitecore Cloud on Microsoft Azure gives digital marketers and IT teams the speed, scale, and agility to reach and engage customers faster.

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Support programs

There are three levels of support for Sitecore, and each is available with perpetual or consumption-based licenses. Perpetual license support fees are paid annually as a percentage of total license price, and consumption license support fees are added to the monthly license fee.

What’s compatible with what?

As Sitecore innovates, it might be difficult to keep up to date on which module versions work with which platform versions. Our Knowledge Base features a handy table to make it all clear.

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