Sitecore on Azure

Now it’s faster and easier than ever to deploy Sitecore into Microsoft Azure. 

Why Azure?

With a $15 billion global data center infrastructure and almost two-thirds of Fortune 500 customers using it, Microsoft® Azure has the security parameters to support enterprise companies and their data—while letting you use your resources efficiently. So long as you have a Sitecore license key, you or your implementation partner can deploy the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP) on Azure in minutes, without expensive hardware, and enjoy the flexibility of scaling up or down as needed. The wizard-like interface of the Azure Portal reduces the need for IT resources and enables fast and easy deployment of Sitecore XP.

Sitecore Azure deployment options


ARM Templates

For customers who want to deploy Sitecore® Experience Manager (XM) or XP with the ultimate in flexibility, Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates ensure consistency, alleviate issues between application development and production environments, and let you deploy Sitecore XP in less than 20 minutes. ARM Templates will let you deploy pre-set architectures (small, medium, large, etc.) into Azure. They use the Redis cache for session management and Azure Search.
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Azure Marketplace

For customers who want to deploy only XM with a more WYSIWYG user experience and without the customization options that ARM Templates offer, we’ve partnered with Microsoft to provide a simple wizard-like experience in the Azure Marketplace so you can deploy Sitecore onto Azure with just a few clicks. It is the easiest way to get started with Sitecore XM.
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Hosting Sitecore on Azure

Hosting Sitecore XP on Azure provides new capabilities like security, scaling, advanced monitoring, and geo-replication.

Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid?

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