Drive more sales with Sitecore® Commerce

Sitecore Commerce natively extends the functionality of our Sitecore® Experience Platform™ to drive higher cart conversions and online sales.

Deliver personalized shopping experiences in real time

Sitecore Commerce redefines what we thought possible in digital shopping. Provide personalized experiences to your customers before, during, and after purchase. Every experience is optimized in every channel, in real time, leveraging the native capabilities in Sitecore Experience Platform. 

Features and benefits

No longer a multi-product, multi-purchase that’s on a multi-year plan, Sitecore Commerce lets you immediately begin testing, personalizing, and automating experiences to increase revenue.

Personalize and optimize experiences

Every experience is personalized for every shopper in their current context. Optimize key experiences like checkout, search, and product content easily with personalization in real time and without integration headaches. Deliver connected shopping experiences when commerce is natively integrated with an Experience Platform.

Automate cart abandonment

Encourage shoppers to return to an abandoned cart by taking advantage of powerful upsell and cross-sell opportunities and prompts. Use what you’ve learned from shopping behavior to apply personalization with automation. Learn why they “almost” purchased and how you can help them make the right decision.

Nurture customers post-purchase

Customer relationships shouldn’t end at the sale—the opportunities to engage have just begun. Meet customer needs and solve their problems with personalized content and automation plans beyond the initial purchase. You will be rewarded with repeat customers.

Manage product information

Highly configurable catalog schemas manage the most complex product information and share across all channels. Your catalogue is unique, that’s why your customers are shopping with you. Help your customers see your products in context with catalogs created for their perspective.

Additional Features

  • Use merchandising manager to edit product data and images, variants, and up-sell and cross-sell product links
  • Manage digital soft goods and access to entitlements along with your physical products
  • Tap into contextual search to entice shoppers with relevant products, content, and personalized offers
  • Edit and personalize commerce content from a single web interface native to the Sitecore Experience Platform

Meet the new power couple

You may have long suffered using one system to manage your web content and another to manage your web store. But customer experiences are shopping experiences, and consumers shouldn’t have to deal with the disconnect that gives them disparate browsing and shopping experiences, duplicate account creation, and discordant checkout processes. Problem is, most commerce systems aren’t natively integrated with a customer experience platform. But Sitecore Commerce isn’t most commerce systems.

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Commerce Intro

Natively integrated, contextual commerce

Combined with the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), Sitecore Commerce options allow you to personalize content pre-purchase, at purchase, and after purchase without the integration headaches.


If you’re already a Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail customer or looking at it as a point of sale or ERP solution, you can use this to connect bricks and mortar to online experiences to provide an integrated, end-to-end omnichannel commerce solution based on Microsoft’s retail platform.

  • High-performance synchronizing of product catalog data
  • Preview personalized commerce content from web interface
  • Search experience fuses structured product content with unstructured site content
  • Customer interaction data includes shopping activity
  • Gift cards and loyalty programs are extended from store to digital channels

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If you’re a Sitecore Experience Platform user and need to connect an existing commerce implementation, you’re in luck. Commerce Connect is Sitecore’s native integration layer for seamlessly integrating third-party commerce platforms into Sitecore XP.

  • Delivers an abstract service layer, not a stand-alone solution
  • Integration service layers for cart, pricing, products, customers, inventory, shipments, payments, checkouts, wish lists, gift cards, and loyalty cards
  • Includes engagement plans for customer nurture, abandoned carts, and attraction
  • Lets you graphically edit and personalize content and experiences with Sitecore XP
  • Incorporates commerce reports in engagement analytics
  • Instantly uses the Sitecore Experience Database to build shopper and customer profiles so you can personalize commerce experiences

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Sitecore Commerce in action at Legrand

We wanted a buying experience that reflected the attention to detail we put into every product. Our commerce launch wasn’t just the beginning of online sales; it marked the start of a whole new chapter in Legrand’s customer relationships.

Kevin Vallez, e-commerce director,
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How to buy

Our commerce products are sold as add-ons to the Sitecore Experience Platform on either a perpetual or subscription basis. You have a choice of deployment options.

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