The Sitecore Experience Cloud™

Provides complete flexibility and decreased time to market with digital marketing power, market-leading web content management, and personalized commerce.

Own the experience®

Customers expect immediate personalized interactions whenever they engage brands. Digital marketers, in turn, must know every customer and shape every experience—in real time and at scale. The Sitecore Experience Cloud continuously learns from each customer interaction so brands can deliver optimized real-time engagements with content, campaigns, and commerce in context.


The cloud-first digital experience platform

Offering everything you need to manage a customer-centric experience: natively integrated digital marketing and commerce tools, industry-leading content management, and machine learning-generated insights to deliver personalized experiences wherever your customers are.


The industry’s choice for robust, scalable content management.

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Digital experience management with connected customer insights.

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Personalized commerce before, during, and after the commerce transaction.

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Features and functionality

Sitecore Experience Manager (XM)
Robust and scaleable web content management with in-session personalization
Manages multi-lingual content and supports multiple sites
Optimized for mobile and display-agnostic
Decouples content management from content presentation
Includes enterprise-class security for content and users
Deployable in platform-as-a-service Microsoft Azure environments
Incorporates robust enterprise-level content management functionality, advanced personalization and analytics, and omnichannel content distribution
Natively integrates content and commerce functionality for personalized shopping experiences
Includes Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) and Sitecore xConnect for collecting and connecting all customer interaction data—from any source
Incorporates all-new Sitecore Forms capability
Supports federated authentication for single sign-on and social login functionality
Email Experience Manager delivers omnichannel marketing automation
Empowers you with a pricing engine and promotion and order management capabilities

Why upgrade to Sitecore Experience Platform 9?

If bi-directional synchronization of customer data with your CRM isn’t enough reason, you’ll want to upgrade and benefit from subscription licensing, machine learning-enabled optimization, and new services for distributing content anywhere.

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Sitecore Experience Platform 9 close up

Experience Manager’s Experience Editor lets you edit, optimize, and test content all in one place.

Experience Platform’s Path Analyzer pinpoints the route and value of visitors’ engagement with your site.

Sitecore Commerce’s Merchandising Manager lets you edit product information and pricing to easily build the visitor’s commerce and content experience.

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